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[Deal] 24,000 mAh power bank for $103.99

LVSHAN 24,000 mAh power bank

The 24,000 mAh power bank by LVSHAN is now selling on Amazon for just $103.99. This might seem like a steep price to pay for a power bank, but we have to consider the fact that it comes with a 24,000 mAh battery inside, allowing you to charge your 3,000 mAh phone about 8 times, That’s pretty handy when you’re disconnected from your power outlet for a long time.

The power bank also comes with a very handy digital display, allowing you to get a reading of the battery percentage. There are three full-sized USB ports on board, allowing you to charge multiple devices in one go. This is found on very few power banks, so we can say that we’re quite lucky to have stumbled upon this.


As we have mentioned above, the power bank is slightly on the expensive side, but that’s the price you have to pay for a quality product such as this one.

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