Verizon to handle system updates for Pixel phones, Google will send security updates


The Google Pixel phones will officially be sold by #VerizonWireless in the U.S. This was naturally big news given that Big Red is the largest carrier in the country. However, there’s some concerning news coming through from Google.

While many were curious as to how the company will handle software updates in the future, Google has clarified that system updates will be sent by Verizon. This means that there could be a significant delay in sending out the update compared to the unlocked variants of the Pixel.

Google has mentioned that it will send monthly security updates to the Verizon Pixel phones, so not everything is on Verizon’s shoulders. However, the rollout of timely Android updates is the reason why most people would buy a Pixel phone. So leaving that aspect to Verizon kind of defeats the whole purpose.

However, we’re hoping against hope that Verizon won’t repeat its mistakes from the past and send out updates in a timely fashion. What do you make of this revelation?

Via: 9to5Google