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Suppliers believe that Samsung will use a dual-camera lens with the Galaxy S8 next year

Galaxy S8

With the #GalaxyNote7 dying a slow and painful death, speculations are rife with talk about the #GalaxyS8. A new report is now suggesting that #Samsung will use a dual-camera lens with the upcoming flagship. The word is coming from suppliers who go on to say that Samsung doesn’t use the same tech with their smartphones year after year, suggesting that an upgrade is on the cards with the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 is also going to sport an iris scanner, according to some reports. This is not much of a surprise given that the Galaxy Note 7 came with the same sensor. Since this is a relatively new technology for Samsung, we expect it to be used in most of the flagships going forward. Given that the Galaxy Note 7 is no longer available, the Galaxy S8 will actually be the only handset out there with an iris scanner on board. It is being said that Patron and MCNEX will supply the necessary components for the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8.

As for the dual-camera setup, it would require a multitude of components. This could serve to please the suppliers who have been let down by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. So by providing orders for these cameras, Samsung could mend fences with the suppliers as well, something which we spoke about in a previous story.

Overall, the future looks pretty good for Samsung, especially considering what the company went through over the past few weeks.

Source: The Korea Herald

Via: Sam Mobile

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