Samsung is now collecting Galaxy Note 7 units from airports

Galaxy Note 7

#Samsung has set up dedicated kiosks at airports in some parts of the world to collect #GalaxyNote7 units from customers and exchange it with another device or offer a full refund. This is a very noble cause by Samsung and something that could save a lot of headaches for potential travelers.

It’s not known at this point if the measure is only being taken in international airports or domestic airports as well. But given that the Galaxy Note 7 is banned from flights of any kind, we expect Samsung to expedite the process and collect as many Galaxy Note 7s as possible in the weeks to come. Even though the company has given a detailed return process, some users might be unaware of it or maybe just not have the time to do so.

So by snapping these faulty units at the airports, Samsung is doing themselves as well as the customers a huge favor. For now, the sightings of these Samsung kiosks have only been made at Australian airports such as the Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, Canberra Airport, Adelaide Airport, and in Terminal 1 of the Gold Coast Airport. So it doesn’t seem to be a global process just yet.

Source: Samsung

Via: Android Headlines