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Samsung looking to mend fences with suppliers after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle

Galaxy Note 7

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest losers from the whole #GalaxyNote7 fiasco are the suppliers. So in a way to make nice with them, #Samsung has decided to compensate them accordingly, keeping their future in mind. This was pretty obvious since the components manufacturers weren’t to blame for this episode, so Samsung was always expected to take a step like this.

The Galaxy Note 7 has already been recalled with the company still in the process of collecting all the units from global customers. In a bid to fasten the process, Samsung has even set up dedicated kiosks at airports to collect Galaxy Note 7 units and advise users on what to do next.

Given that suppliers have also lost a bulk of their orders from Samsung following the recall, Samsung has apparently mentioned that it would replace those orders with new ones meant for upcoming Samsung phones. This should even things somewhat between Samsung and the suppliers.

What do you make of this step?

Source: Reuters

Via: Mobile Syrup

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