Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with replaced battery catches fire onboard a flight

Galaxy Note 7

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 saw a major recall last month, which led to millions of devices being called back and sales being delayed in some other regions. Well, it seems like Samsung’s troubles are not over as a new unit of the Galaxy Note 7 with a replaced or “safe” battery has apparently burst into flames onboard a flight. This is particularly concerning for Samsung as it has already replaced a bulk of the Galaxy Note 7 units with the said battery.

We don’t have the full details yet, but it is likely that this is an isolated incident. Needless to say, Samsung is investigating the matter and more will be revealed soon. The user, Brian Green, apparently received his replacement unit of the Galaxy Note 7 from AT&T’s store on September 21.

He claims that only a wireless charger was used in charging the device since he received the unit. Speaking of the incident, Green said that he turned off the device while boarding the flight when he suddenly saw smoke coming out of the phone. In the aftermath, Green claims that the phone even managed to burn the carpet flooring of the airplane.

Source: The Verge

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  1. Samsung better pray this is not another charging/battery issue or it’s all over for them…

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