Samsung Galaxy Note 7 discontinued following reports of fires

Galaxy Note 7

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 has seen its end officially, with the company announcing that the device will no longer be produced or sold in the markets. This comes after the company requested all users of the handset to power down the device. The Galaxy Note 7 and its troubles originally came to the surface in September when units were found to be overheating and catching fire due to a faulty battery.

Following this, the company was quick to issue replacements with a new battery unit. But when it was discovered recently that the new battery unit was no different, the company really had no choice but to halt the sales of the device for good. Samsung is yet to share more details on how it plans to handle recalls and refunds of the handsets that have already been sold, but it’s clear that it won’t be an easy couple of months for the company. This entire episode is expected to cost Samsung nearly $17 billion.

With the Galaxy Note 7 controversy now drawing to a close, the company’s focus will be firmly set on the Galaxy S8 which is expected to bring some major new features to the table.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: GSM Arena