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Rumor claims the Galaxy S8 will come with a 4K display and Viv AI support

Galaxy S8

With the #GalaxyNote7 officially seeing its demise, #Samsung now has its hopes clinging on to the Galaxy S8, which is expected to launch early next year. Given the controversy surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, some early reports speculated that the handset will be launched sooner than expected to take some heat off the device. We’re now hearing that the company might be looking to bundle the recently acquired Viv artificial intelligence client along with the Galaxy S8, suggesting that the company will leave no stone unturned in making this a successful device.

The rumor also reaffirms previous reports that had pegged a 4K display to be onboard the upcoming Samsung flagship. As for Viv, the service is created by the makers of Apple’s Siri voice assistant. But Viv is a notch ahead of the competition given that it can learn on its own overtime and improve itself. Further, it is capable of understanding a wide set of queries, which is a big improvement over conventional voice assistants.

Keeping all these factors into account, we will certainly be excited to see the Viv AI assistant making its way to the upcoming Galaxy flagship. What do you think?

Source: Weibo

Via: Android Headlines

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