The new Pixel phones come with IP53 certification for water/dust resistance

Google Pixel

The #GooglePixel phones have made plenty of noise since going official a couple of days ago. But as the days’ pass, we’re gathering more information about the new devices. The most recent revelation has confirmed that the phones are partially water and dust resistant with an IP53 certification to boot. While this doesn’t mean it’s completely invulnerable to water and dust attacks, it’s certainly a step up compared to regular smartphones.

Submersion will probably prove to be fatal for both devices as this level of water resistance can only handle the occasional splash of water and nothing more. This explains why Google didn’t make this feature public during the announcement two days ago. This is by no means a groundbreaking feature, but it’s good to know that users are safe from potential water splashes on their new Pixel phones.

Will this feature have any bearing on your decision to purchase the Google Pixel? Sound off in the comments below.


Via: Droid Life