HTC’s revenues increased by 41% in September

HTC 10

The #HTC10 has no doubt been one of the most impressive flagships of the year. It seems like the market was pretty responsive to the device as well. A report suggests that the company’s revenues saw an increase of 41% in September compared to the previous month, which is big news for the company. That’s a pretty good way to end the third quarter as well, although it is yet to be seen if the company can maintain this growth going into the holiday season.

HTC is going to launch the rumored #HTCBolt over the coming weeks, which might be its late 2016 flagship to replace the One A9 from last year. From what we know about the phone so far, it’s going to pack Android Nougat on board and pack the same premium design that we saw with the HTC 10.

Do you think the Taiwanese manufacturer will be able to keep the momentum going forward? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: HTC Investors

Via: GSM Arena

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  1. My take on HTC is they only can move up after pretty poor performance up till now. The secret sauce has got to be not their own products but obviously, that they are the company behind the new Google Pixel phones. I’m sure people on the inside with this knowledge have absolutely known this and bolstered HTC’s position. It sure doesn’t hurt that they are the exclusive suppliers for these two new Pixels and I believe have been granted a long term Google contract. After LG did a fair job on the standard size last Nexus phone, and Huawei doing a great job on the plus size phone, I hope that HTC/Google will kick some Apple butt with their new Pixel’s!!!

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