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Google working on a new video editing/filter app

Google Video Filter

#Google has revealed a new video editing and filter app that it’s currently working on in its research labs. There’s a video demo that has surfaced, showing how it works in action. We’ve seen a myriad of filters app out there and some of them are really good. However, something coming out of Google is bound to have more exposure among the populace. It’s not known if this will release anytime soon, but we can tell that a lot of work is going into it.

As you can see from the video demo, you can add filters as you please, increase their frequency and decrease them as you like. This is in contrast to most editing apps that only let you add one preset filter to a video.

By allowing users to add several filters at once, Google is giving users more control over editing, something that’s rare out there. However, there are video editing apps out there that do exactly this, so Google will have to make sure its offering stands out in the marketplace.

What do you make of this video editing app? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Google Research

Via: Android Headlines

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