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Google Pixel gets a favorable repairability score, kind of

Pixel Teardown

#Google went the unexpected way with the new #Pixel phones. Trusting #HTC with the hardware was not exactly a gamble given that the company is synonymous with quality and high-end products. It seems like the company’s decision has come in handy as the folks at iFixit have given the Google Pixel a decent score in terms of repairability. The Pixel has received the best repairability score that any HTC phone has received, which is commendable.

The fact that previous HTC phones haven’t received good repair scores is mainly due to the fact that the company used tightly knit hardware which consisted of a metal unibody exterior. While HTC hasn’t compromised with the quality aspect of the Pixel, it has certainly done its research with regards to repairability. It’s important to note here that the phone is by no means the best in terms of repairability. With a score of just 6/10, iFixit notes that there could have plenty of improvements.

The experts note that the front panel is incredibly hard to remove due to being so closely wound together. Another interesting observation made here is that the speaker grill is made of cloth. So we suggest you don’t try to repair the Pixel yourself. You can find the complete details from iFixit’s page below.

Source: iFixit

Via: 9to5Google

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