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Good news: Google Pixel phones come with an unlocked bootloader

Google Pixel

With the #GooglePixel phones almost ready to storm the markets, some customers were wondering whether it will be as developer friendly as the Nexus phones of the past. Well, the answer is yes, with Google officially confirming that the handsets will have an unlockable bootloader by default.

Here’s what Google had to say in its statement – “Yes, Pixel owners who purchased the device from the Google store will be able to root their devices. Pixel phones purchased from the Google store will ship with an unlockable bootloader.

However, Google also warned users of its consequences by saying “Rooting involves modifying partitions on the phone. If the partitions are modified the OTA will fail to apply.

This basically means that you’re free to root your device as you please, letting you get that much more out of your Pixel phone. We only suggest rooting to those who are well aware of the consequences of doing so. If you’re new to the concept, be sure to read up on it beforehand as a couple of missteps can potentially brick your precious device.

The fact that the Pixel phones come with an unlocked bootloader is very good news, but not particularly surprising.

Source: WonderHowTo

Via: 9to5Google

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