Early review praises the battery life of the Google Pixel

Google Pixel

The #GooglePixel is yet to reach a lot of consumers, but some have already gotten a bite of the device. And according to a user on Reddit, Google’s new Pixel phone has shown a pretty impressive battery life so far. This is thanks to the battery optimization done by Google with Android 7.1 Nougat. While we can’t say if similar results can be seen on other Nougat based devices, this will certainly inspire confidence among other Android OEMs.

As per the screenshots posted by the Reddit user, the Pixel has in fact surpassed our expectations. Naturally, the screen and OS were the most battery consuming processes. There was about 40% of battery still left after of 13 and a half hours of usage, which goes to show that the Pixel phones are designed to last longer on a single charge. We’re yet to come across official reviews and statistics regarding the battery life, but this is certainly a good start.

Pixel Battery Life

Source: Reddit

Via: Phandroid