[Deal] Jabra Sport Pace wireless Bluetooth earbuds for $39.99

Jabra Sport Pace

The Jabra Sport Pace Bluetooth headphones can now be purchased via eBay for just $39.99. These headphones are completely wireless, making them suitable for your early morning runs or gym sessions. This is as good as they get, really, especially considering the price quoted by the seller. There’s no telling how long it will remain in stock, though, so be sure to check out the listing while it’s still up.

In terms of additional features, the Jabra Sport Pace earbuds come with a decent set of hardware to complement your mobile needs in addition to standard music playback. It comes with a set of music playback controls as well as a mic built in, letting you answer calls while on the go. It’s a pretty nifty product for this price, and a must have if you are¬†on the lookout for a set of budget headphones.

Get the Jabra Sport Pace wireless Bluetooth headphones for just $39.99 via eBay!