You can now swap your Galaxy Note 7 for any other device via all four major U.S. carriers

Galaxy Note 7

Earlier today, we saw how #Sprint was allowing customers to replace their #GalaxyNote7 with another device of their choice. This policy has now caught on with the remaining three major carriers of the U.S. as well with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile also offering the same service to its customers. So basically, if you own a Galaxy Note 7 that you purchased from either of the four carriers, you are free to walk into one of their outlets and give it back to get another smartphone from the brand of your choice.

The issue came to the surface after a customer on a Southwest Airlines flight saw that his Galaxy Note 7 was catching smoke, subsequently burning the carpet flooring on the airplane. This has led to speculation that a second recall of the handset might be imminent, although Samsung or the authorities haven’t shared much details on the findings of the investigation.

In the meanwhile, if you recently purchased the Galaxy Note 7 or if you already have the replacement unit, you can return it to the carrier that you bought it from. Pretty simple, right?


Via: The Verge