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Users can set the faulty Galaxy Note 7 units to charge only till 80%

Galaxy Note 7

#Samsung has already announced a widespread recall of the #GalaxyNote7, with nearly 500,000 of these devices supposedly replaced in the U.S. already. But Samsung still has another 500,000 units out there in the wild. It’s baffling as to why users are still using these faulty units, given the immense safety risk they possess. However, a new report has found that turning off battery limiting from the phone’s settings page will only allow the phone to be charged up to 80% of its capacity.

While this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem, it’s quite similar to an update that Samsung sent out in South Korea, where devices were found to be charging only till 60% after the new update. Perhaps Samsung realizes that a handful of users will continue to use the old Galaxy Note 7 units, and it’s probably safer to do what they can to reduce the damage.

Do you still have a faulty Galaxy Note 7 or know somebody who does? Sound off in the comments section below.

Via: Sam Mobile

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