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Upcoming Pixel phones could finally introduce the long awaited restart button

Pixel - Restart Button

While Google’s Nexus phones have featured the best software in the #Android world for years, there has been one basic feature that’s been missing on these stock Android devices – a reboot button. This is particularly strange considering the fact that third party manufacturers have had it on their devices for quite a few years. In fact, there is provision for this reboot button within Android, but Google has refrained from using it. Well, that’s about to change with this year’s #Pixel phones, according to Android Police.

Citing an image supposedly received from a reliable source, we can see a closeup of the stock Android power off prompt (the menu that appears when you long press the power button) clearly showing a restart button. While this could well be an early build of Android, which may or may not make it to the final release of Android, we remain optimistic to see this on the Pixel phones. It is yet to be seen if this update will be sent over to other Nexus phones as well. But we don’t see why not since it clearly appears to be a software feature.

Prospective Pixel phone buyers, are you excited?

Via: Android Police

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