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Samsung to offer replacements to Galaxy Note 7 owners

Galaxy Note 7

#Samsung has finally issued a statement on the state of the situation surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 and its faulty battery. Acknowledging that there have only been 35 reported cases of the battery exploding so far, the company has mentioned that it will work closely with its retail partners around the world to offer replacement units to those who have already purchased the handset. This is pretty courageous by Samsung, but could turn out to hurt them deeply, especially with the new Apple iPhones incoming.

It is not known at this point if the company will let you get a refund in lieu of the replacement unit, although we expect Samsung to make that clear enough soon. Customers will not have to pay a dime to Samsung as this is a voluntary replacement by the company owing to a device flaw (battery cell).

It must be said that the entire episode has hurt Samsung’s credibility a great deal. It will be interesting to see if the Korena manufacturer will be able to crawl back from this.

Source: Samsung

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