Samsung to mark replaced models of the Galaxy Note 7 with a ‘Safe’ tag

Galaxy Note 7

#Samsung has already started sending out replacement units of the #GalaxyNote7 to those who have returned their original units. But how will the people or the authorities be able to distinguish between the old Galaxy Note 7 and the new one? Well, it is being said that Samsung will use a new disclaimer on the box which reads ‘Safe’ so as to tell the users that they’re getting a unit which is safe for use.

But since the retail packaging of the smartphone cannot be carried around everywhere, Samsung will apparently change the color of the battery indicator to green so as to reassure people that this has a safer battery on board. This is a necessary measure since the handset has now been banned from using in airplanes by the authorities. So having a disclaimer directly on the phone might help ease that process somewhat.

It is completely possible that these new additions are limited to a particular region, as some reports are mentioning that the replacement models have no changes whatsoever. We hope to get more clarity on the matter from Samsung.

Source: ZDNet

Via: Sam Mobile