Samsung could launch the Galaxy S8 early to take our minds off the Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7

Let’s face it, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been an absolute PR disaster for the company. Sure, the company is exchanging faulty units with new ones, but that will not undo all the negative press that the company has received over the past few weeks. So the company’s solution? Well, just release another phone.

If a rumor is to be believed, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 earlier than scheduled so as to soften the blow from the Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy S flagships are usually announced by the second or third month of the year and launched a few weeks later. But the company will apparently release the flagship by early 2017. The release timeframe is not precise right now, but if we were to guess, the company would probably want to showcase the device at the CES 2017 event in Las Vegas which will be held between the 5th and 8th of January 2017.

We have a lot of unanswered questions at this point, but this could be a logical step by Samsung so as to shift the conversation from exploding phones to shiny new tech.

Via: Sam Mobile