Samsung Galaxy S5 Lack Of Network Connectivity Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we help our readers who own the  #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 fix the issues that they are having with their device. Today we will tackle the Galaxy S5 lack of network connectivity issue & other related problems. What happens in this case is that the phone is unable to access the Internet. Apps installed in the device won’t be able to go online. We will be addressing this issue as well as other connectivity problems that have been sent to us by our readers.


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S5 Lack Of Network Connectivity

Problem: After updating to Marshmallow, I have had Internet connectivity issues. Sometimes a brief warning pops up on my screen warning that the connection has been lost. Never up long enough to get a screen shot. No videos will upload to Google Photos whether with mobile data or wifi. Most frustrating is that 2 apps I’ve purchased and downloaded in the last week both will not work. They open but then give the error “Internal Service Failure – An internal error occurred. This can be caused by a lack of network connectivity. Please make sure you have a good network connection.” Any help or advice is appreciated!

Solution: Since this issue occured right after the Marshmallow update then there’s a possibility that it is caused by some form of old software data that has not been completely removed during the update process. You will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset to fix this problem.

S5 Verizon To AT&T No Internet

Problem: I recently switched from verizon to ATT, keeping my Galaxy S5 and existing phone number. I purchased a go phone pre paid account from Walmart, and took my phone and the authorization code to a local ATT store. A rep at the store did the install. Everything works except for the internet. I cannot connect to mobile network. I have been troubleshooting for 7 days, and cannot figure this out. the rep has no idea why there is no connection, and he is the senior rep in the store. I have tried everything I can find…airplane mode off, wifi off, removed battery for 20 min., removed sim card to check for debris or damage, rebooted, did factory reset, restarted after each of these.

APN settings presently:

Name- ATTnextgenphone

APN- nxtgenphone







multimedia message proxy-

multimedia message port- 80

mmc- 310

mnc- 410

authentication type-

apn type- default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri,internet

apn protocol- IPv4/IPv6

apn roaming protocol-IPv4/Ipv6

bearer- unspecified

mobile virtual network operator type-

I hope you can help me…I’ve tried with the ATThelp forum and go in circles, never able to actually send my question in because of email and password problems.  thanks

Solution: You should be able to use your Verizon phone on the AT&T network without any issues however you won’t be able to take advantage of the LTE network since the bands supported by Verizon and LTE are different. Try changing the network mode of your phone as this might be what’s causing the problem.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap More Network
  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Tap Network mode
  • Try checking the connection when the network mode is set to Global then LTE / GSM / UMTS

If you still can’t go online then try using the APN setting listed below.

  • Name – PTA
  • APN – pta
  • Proxy – Leave Blank
  • Port – Leave Blank
  • Username – Leave Blank
  • Password – Leave Blank
  • Server – Leave Blank
  • MMSC –
  • MMS Proxy –
  • MMS Port – 80
  • MCC – 310
  • MNC – 410
  • Authentication Type – Leave Blank
  • APN type – default,mms,supl,hipri
  • Bearer – Leave Blank

S5 Mobile Data Not Working

Problem: Hi, I sent you an email a couple weeks ago but never got a response. I have an unlocked s5, is originally a tmobile phone,that I’m using for at&t now. I changed the apn settings to at&t but it’s still not working right. Any time I’m not at home with my wifi, the phone only connects to the Internet once In awhile, most of the time it doesn’t work. I also can’t send text messages most of the time, it will say failed to send,and I have to keep pressing resend until it goes through. I’m hoping there’s a solution to this problem,and the phones not just messed up…. I’m REALLy hoping to hear back from you this time, I could really use the help.

Solution: Since you are having an issue connecting to the Internet as well as sending a text message I recommend that you backup your phone data first then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done do not install anything in your phone yet. Try to check if the issue still occurs.

If you are unable to go online you should make sure that you have an active mobile data subscription and that your location has a data signal.

Check the APN setting of your phone and make sure that it is correct.

  • Proxy: Not set
  • Username: Not set
  • Password: Not set
  • Server: Not set
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 80
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC:  410
  • Authentication Type: None
  • APN type:default, mms, supl, hipri
  • APN protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: Unspecified

You should also make sure that the message center number that is set in your phone is correct (+13123149810) to properly send out text messages.

S5 No Internet Connection

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung S5 and since last week I have problem in connecting to the internet using mobile data. I have no issue on internet connection if I use Wi-fi or hotspot. I tried switching the phone off and on; called service provider to double check the APN setting and the service provider has even refresh / reset the connectivity – all failed. I am not sure why this problem still persists.  I hope you can please help to resolve the issue.

Solution: There might be an app installed in your phone that’s causing this problem. To check if this is the case you need to start your phone in Safe Mode. In this mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run while apps you downloaded are prevented from running. Try to check if you are able to go online using your mobile data in this mode. If you are able to do so then the issue might be caused by an app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If the problem occurs even in Safe Mode then I recommend that you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done check if the issue still occurs. If it does then you should try using another SIM card in your phone and check if you can go online with it. This will allow you to check if the problem is SIM card or account related.

S5 Wi-Fi Switch Not Turning On

Problem: Hello, I have been having problems with my phone for the past 2 days. My phone was working fine one night but when I woke up my phone wasn’t connected to the WiFi like the WiFi icon was turned off so I try to turn it on, but it doesn’t want to turn on. So I don’t know if someone disabled my Wi-Fi icon. Please help Thank you.

Solution: You need to check if the phone software is causing this problem by backing up your phone data then doing a factory reset. If after the reset you are still unable to turn on the Wi-Fi switch then the problem is most likely hardware related. Bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

S5 Mobile Data Rarely Works

Problem: I have an unlocked s5, it was a tmobile phone, but I’m using it for at&t now. I already changed the APN settings so I have Internet on at&ts network, but it rarely ever works. It will show the 4G symbol on the top of the screen, but the service bars will be down to 1 bar. So pretty much I can only get online when I’m at home with wifi. Hopefully you can help?

Solution: This looks like a signal related problem due to a weak signal in your area or a faulty phone antenna. Try transferring to another location and check if the issue still occurs. You should also backup your phone data then do a factory reset to eliminate any software problems that could cause this issue. Once the reset is complete check if the issue still occurs. If it does then have this phone checked at a service center.

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