Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Randomly Turns Off Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 is a 2014 device that was then considered as a high end smartphone. Depending on the market the phone is released in, it will either be using a Snapdragon 805 or an Exynos 5433 processor which is powerful enough to handle various tasks. Combined with its 3GB of RAM the device will run any app smoothly. Although this phone has proven itself as a reliable daily driver there are instances when certain issues can occur. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 4 randomly turns off issue & other related problems.

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Note 4 Randomly Turns Off

Problem: I bought this new phone note 4 910A 3 months ago from Walmart. Since the first week the battery issue started to act up. The phone dies randomly between 50% to 30% and keeps restarting till all sudden it’s dead supposedly showing 0%. I put it on charger and it shows nothing and it turns on. So when I charge the phone sometimes it won’t reach past 50% or sometimes 80% I thought it was the cable from Samsung so I used my LG cable and same results. After removing the battery when the phone shows it’s only at 60% charged only, I reinstall the battery and it will show it’s pretty much at 98%. The kicker is the battery doesn’t last also more than 3 hours when I look at the battery status it shows it will not last that long. If the phone is fully charged and I don’t use it and I come back to it say in 8 hours it’s pretty much dead. I keep hearing also there’s an update for the firmware since its 5.0.1 from AT&T but I can’t find it, I saw it will help with the battery issue. So could it be software or battery.

Solution: Even if a new software version is available the current software version that your phone is running on should not cause this kind of issue. What you should do first is to check if a glitch in the phone software is causing this problem by backing up your phone data then doing a factory reset. Once the reset is complete do not install anything in your device just yet. You should check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then try getting a new battery as the current battery that your phone is using could be causing this problem.

If the issue still occurs even after performing the above steps and if the phone is still under warranty then I recommend that you bring it back to Walmart.

Note 4 Battery Drains Fast

Problem: Hello so I have a note 4 that started draining fast and dying when it says there is %10 to %35 battery left. As well as shows it only charges to around %91 most of the time. And so I did the cash part delete which didn’t work also did factory reset didn’t work, as well as got a new factory battery and charging station for the battery and cord, then did another factory reset and still doing the same thing. What a piss off Samsung has become. I have had this phone for no longer than a year and a month, and always in life proof case and never in water or banged around and this is how it ends up being. I also tried cleaning the ports a number of times for the charging port and draining the charge in the phone itself fully while battery was out and nothing has done a thing. I also tried doing slow charge as well. I’m sure I’m forgetting other things I’ve tried as well. I’ve tried many apps to fix this as well I should have known that wouldn’t work but tried anyways. Please help thanks

Solution: If doing  a factory reset and replacing the battery of the phone doesn’t fix the issue then this might be caused by a component inside the phone that is failing and causing a shorted circuit somewhere. I’d recommend that you bring the phone to a service center that is capable of doing board level repairs and have it checked.

Note 4 Not Fast Charging After Marshmallow Update

Problem: Hi, I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Last week my phone finally got the Marshmallow update and installed with no problems. However, since then I have noticed that my phone is no longer fast charging. Even though the fast charging option is enabled and shows that it is fast charging, it now takes hours for a complete charge. I am using the original charger that came with the phone, so I have a feeling it is from the update. Is there anything I can do to fix this or will I have to wait for another update? Thank you for your time!

Solution: If the issue is caused by the update then a factory reset is likely going to fix this. You should however do this as a last resort and consider performing the other troubleshooting steps listed below.

  • Clean the charging port of your phone. Sometimes dirt or debris stuck in this port can cause this kind of issue. Use a can of compressed air or blow into the port using a straw to clean it.
  • Try using a different charging cord when charging the phone. This cord gets easily damaged and the one you are using might already be damaged.
  • Try using a different adaptive fast charger.

If the above steps fail to fix the issue then I suggest you backup your phone data then proceed with a factory reset to check if the problem is caused by the update. This reset will remove any old software data that could still be in your phone which is usually the cause of issues that occur after an update.

Note 4 Shuts Down For No Reason

Problem: I have a Galaxy Note 4 that keeps shutting down for no reason.  When I try to turn it back on the power button does not work.  I have to remove the battery, then put it back in to even get the phone to turn back on.  What could this be?  Also it doesn’t happen when I’m doing anything in particular.  Its random.

Related Problem: I have a note 4 and it turns off by itself, it has nothing to do with the battery life nether with the ram, and it won’t turn back on until I remove the battery and put it again.can you please tell me what’s the problem

Solution: You should try to check first if a glitch in the phone software is causing his problem by doing a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. Once the reset is complete do not install anything in your device just yet. Try to check first if the issue still occurs.

Another thing that you should do is to verify if the battery is causing this problem by replacing it.

If the above steps fail to fix the issue then it might be caused by a component inside your phone that’s failing. If this is the case then I recommend that you have your phone checked at a service center.

Note 4 Does Not Turn On

Problem: I have been using this phone for about one and a half year now. Previously my phone keep restarting and I brought it to a technician.  It was working well until after the software update, my phone would not turn on at all. I have tried all of the methods of switching it on on this website but nothing seems to work. Do I have to send it to the technician again?  Ps, I have no idea what version is my phone right now. I’m so sorry!

Solution: There are several things that you can do before bringing the phone to a technician. Listed below are the recommended troubleshooting steps for this issue.

  • Charge the phone for at least 20 minutes. If you don’t see the charging indicator on your phone then try cleaning its charging port using a can of compressed air. You should also try using a different charging cord and charger.
  • Try using a different battery.
  • Try turning on your phone while it is connected to its charger.

If the above steps fail to fix the problem then you should have your phone checked at a service center.

Note 4 Stuck In T-Mobile Screen

Problem: When i try to turn on my phone, it will go to the Samsung Note 4 screen, then to the samsung startup screen, but after that it goes to the T Mobile carrier screen and just stays on that screen. It never turns on, but when i charge it the battery comes up and shows that its charging. This just happened randomly one day and i do not know how to fix it. I have tried taking the battery out overnight and then trying, and i tried to reboot the device but i’m not sure if i did it right or if it just didn’t work. Thank you!

Solution: This issue where the phone gets stuck on the startup screen can usually be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps listed below. Move to the next step in the list if the problem still occurs.

  • Take out the phone battery and microSD ( if your phone has one installed). Press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This will discharge the phone circuit and clear out its RAM. Reinsert just the battery then turn on your phone. Check if the issue still occurs. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by the microSD card or a software glitch.
  • Try turning on your phone while it is connected to its charger. If the issue doesn’t occur then this could be caused by a faulty battery. Get a new battery and see if the problem still occurs.
  • Start your phone in recovery mode. If you can access this mode then I suggest that you do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data so make sure to have a backup copy first.

Note 4 Stuck In Recovery Booting After Software Update

Problem: Hello.  So recently my phone had a software update, so I decided to update it. Once it downloaded, I pressed Continue to let it install. My phone went into “Recovery Booting” and once it reached 100%, it just turned off. I tried to turn it back on by pressing and holding the power button, but it did not turn on. So, I took out the battery, waited 10 seconds, put back in the battery, and tried again. This time my phone went into “Recovery Booting” again and started updating. Once it reached 100%, it shut down again and the same thing keeps repeating.  Please Help.

Solution: It looks like something went wrong during the update process. Try connecting your phone to a computer with Kies installed and let the software update your phone. If this doesn;t work then disconnect your phone from the computer then do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data.

If the above steps fail to fix the problem then you should consider manually flashing your phone with its updated firmware file. Instructions on how to flash your device can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

Note 4 Shuts Off With Charge Left

Problem: Phone has been dying whenever i use apps around 70% and has been dying at a higher percentage lately around 80. I’ve been reading online that i should “calibrate” the battery by draining the battery to 0 and charge it with the phone off until it reaches 100. Phone took several hours to charge and as soon as i start it up, it shuts off and stays in a reboot loop.

Solution: This kind of issue is usually caused by a glitch in the phone software or a faulty battery. Perform the following steps listed below to fix this issue.

  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.
  • Replace your phone battery with a new one.

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