Samsung Galaxy Note 4 No Marshmallow Update Available Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 is one of the many Android devices that have recently been getting the Marshmallow update. First released in 2014 running on Android Kitkat this phone then got the Lollipop update and now the Marshmallow update. Owners of this phone who have already updated their device to the latest version are quite pleased with the results. There are however other phone owners who still can’t get the update on their device or if the update is already installed it is causing issues. This is what we will address today as we tackle the Galaxy Note 4 no Marshmallow update available issue & other related problems.

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Note 4 No Marshmallow Update Available

Problem: Hi I own a non rooted AT&T galaxy note 4 but it’s on a metro pcs. Plan running 5.0.1 every time I try to update my phone to marshmallow it says there no update available and I tried doing a soft factory reset and it still will not update and now sometimes my phone will die between 30 to 80% and once it dies it will restart itself continuously I can take the battery out and wait a minute and then stick it back in and It will start to restart itself again the only way I can get it to stop restarting is I have to put it on the charger then it starts working fine for awhile plz help thanks

Solution: Regarding the update issue that you are having the reason behind this is that the phone is running on an AT&T software version this means that it will check for the update on the AT&T servers. Since the phone is now being used in a different carrier you won’t have access to these servers. If you have access to an AT&T SIM card then try inserting it in your device then do the update.

You should also consider doing a factory reset (make sure to backup your phone data first) then try to check for the update using Kies or Smart Switch. You do this by connecting your phone using a USB cord to a computer with Kies or Smart Switch running then let the software check for the update.

If the above steps fail to update your phone then you should consider manually flashing the update. Instructions on how to flash your phone are available at several of the popular Android forums online.

As for your phone dying even with battery charge left you should try replacing the battery with a new one.

Note 4 Slow Texting After Software Update

Problem: Ever since the last 2 software updates the phone has become super slow when i text. it takes about 10 seconds for the text to go and the phone kind of gets hanged while i type which is very frustrating. Other apps and data and browsing works fine. I have restarted the phone, taking out the battery and sim card, throwing it at the wall etc but nothing has worked. please help

Solution: Since this issue occured right after a software update you should first try wiping the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode. This will delete the temporary system data that is in your phone and might be causing the issue. Once this is done restart your phone then check if the problem still occurs. If it does then I recommend that you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

Note 4 Shuts Down Reboot After Software Update

Problem: Downloaded the new update sometime last week. Been having problems..including : i’d go to certain apps (snapchat,IG,etc) and it would shut down and reboot up again. -when it got to around 35-20% it would shut down and reboot and shutdown and the same til my percentage changed dramatically to 18%, 5%..0%..  Recently, when I get texts from people, I’ll text back and no one gets them except a few people.. it’s super frustrating. . I did the clear cache partition, reboot,safe mode and factory reset. My phone still shut off at certain apps, my texting is the same, the same people are getting them,the same aren’t. .I’m super confused and irritated. Helllllllp meh.

Solution: Since you have already taken cared of the software troubleshooting side of things I recommend that you try replacing your battery with a new one as it might be causing the problem. If replacing the battery doesn’t work then you should consider manually flashing the previous software version back to your phone. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular android forums online.

Note 4 Getting Updates When Device On Different Carrier

Problem: Hi there I just wanted to ask about updating your phone.  The thing is my phone is from at&t and my sim card is from T-mobile and my question is that can you update your phone if the sim card is different from the company that made the phone?

Solution: A lot of people who have unlocked AT&T phones that are used in other carriers have reported that they are unable to update the phone software. The reason behind this is that the phone will check for the update on the AT&T servers and since the device isn’t on the AT&T network it won’t have access to these servers. The best thing to do in this case is to get a prepaid AT&T SIM then insert it in your phone. Once the phone has a signal you should then search for the update. The second option is to manually flash the software update. Instructions on how to flash your phone can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

Note 4 Verizon Marshmallow Update

Problem: Is there a way to update the OS on this phone to Marshmallow 6.0.1 without going through the Verizon network for an OTA?  I upgraded to an S7Edge and then marshmallow came out for the Note 4 after I took it off the Verizon plan.  How do I get Marshmallow?

Related Problem: Galaxy Note 4 says last software update Feb. 2016 and when I check system updates it says ‘your device is up to date’ My phone is from Verizon and I know Marshmallow is available. My question is it not possible for me to get the update because I own my phone and when I upgraded I went to iPhone so the Note 4 isn’t currently on a phone plan with Verizon?

Solution: Updating the device is going to be a long process since the phone has an unlockable bootloader thus making it difficult to flash a software update. Recently there has been a way to unlock the phone bootloader but then it’s a long process. You can check Google on how to do this. The best way to update your phone is to get it back to the Verizon network and update it or you can ask for assistance from the technical support of Verizon.

Note 4 Stuck In Boot Loop After Software Update

Problem: After updating to 6.0 my phone often switched off and stuck in boot loop and even if battery is 80% if phone is not connected to charger. it don’t switched on Even seen changing the battery but same thing happens with new battery also please do needful for this can i flash lollipop stock again??

Solution: Have you saved your phone data? If you have then I recommend that you start your phone in recovery mode then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete restart your phone then check if it is still stuck in a boot loop. If it is then something might have gone wrong during the update process. You should consider flashing back Lollipop to your device. Instructions on how to manually flash your phone can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

Note 4 Crashes When Receiving Call After Marshmallow Update

Problem: After update to marshmellow. The phone crashes when receiving an incoming call. Comes up as phone stopped working. Phone continues to ring, screen and buttons do not function. Have to remove the battery. Cleared out all old apps, cleared the cache. Also cleared cache partition

Solution: It’s very likely that this problem is caused by some form of old software data that got left behind during the update process. To resolve this problem I recommend that you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

Note 4 Still Running on KitKat

Problem: My note 4 is not updating to the latest update 6.0.1 Still 4.4.4 and when i press update its says system up to date for the last 24 months …. I don’t know why until now is not update to the new version

Solution: For the phone to be able to get the update certain conditions must be met.

  • The phone must not be rooted
  • The phone must be running on its stock firmware
  • The phone must be on its original carrier.

If your phone meets all of these conditions and you are not getting the update then you should try to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done try to get the update using the OTA method or by using a computer with Kies or Smart Switch installed.

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