Samsung has apparently found 26 false claims of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire

Galaxy Note 7

With all these reports floating around about the #GalaxyNote7 recalls, it was always possible that there would be quite a few false claims raised by the customers, just to add fuel to the fire. It seems like this was indeed the case as Samsung has reportedly found 26 false claims of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire or exploding, with some users claiming that they have disposed or thrown off the device when asked for proof.

Samsung has broken down the false cases in great detail. The UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Romania, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, and the Czech Republic apparently reported one case each. South Korea on the other hand supposedly had three cases, while there were from France and the U.S. had nine, according to Samsung.

Samsung personally attended all these claims and found that 7 had either canceled their original claim or alleged that the device had been thrown away, while another seven customers could not be contacted by the company. Samsung found no issue related to the device with the remaining 12 of these complaints.

It goes without saying that quite a few users have been trying to get their hands on the replacement device through shady means. New units of the Galaxy Note 7 come with multiple safety indicators including a small black box on the retail packaging and a green battery indicator on the device status bar.

Source: ZDNet

Via: Phone Arena