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Report: Google to launch Pixel and Pixel XL in lieu of Nexus devices this year

Google Pixel

According to a new report that surfaced earlier yesterday, #Google will launch the HTC Sailfish and the Marlin as the Pixel and the Pixel XL. This comes after a pretty detailed report had mentioned that the Nexus name will be dying this year. Putting Google’s upcoming phones under the Pixel brand makes complete sense given that the two handsets are set to be designed mostly by Google, although HTC will handle the manufacturing side of things.

Much like the Pixel C, we can expect a refined user experience with the Pixel phones and the naming convention couldn’t have been any better. Whether this was a last minute plan or something that Google always wanted is only for the company to answer, but we certainly like the sound of this.

It is said that the two devices will be launched sometime early next month. We should have more details on the date when Google announces or schedules the official launch event.

Do you like the Pixel and Pixel XL monikers? Sound off in the comments box below.

Via: Android Police

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