Report: Google Home to sell for $129, ‘Chromecast Ultra’ with 4K support for $69

Google Home

#GoogleHome was announced back during the Google I/O in May, but has not been made available for purchase yet. But that is all set to change during Google’s October 4 event. Ahead of the event, we are getting an early glimpse of the pricing of Google Home, which is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo home assistant devices. It is being reported that Google Home will be priced at $129 when it is made available next month.

The report also talks about something known as the “Chromecast Ultra“. This is apparently a 4K and HDR compatible Chromecast, which means Google has responded to criticisms from the public about Chromecast not supporting 4K content. The Chromecast Ultra will supposedly cost $69. This, interestingly, is 2x the price of the current-gen Chromecast.

Bear in mind that this could well be the preliminary pricing of the two devices. As is the case with product launches, it’s very likely that Google might change things up during the release. What do you make of the reported price tags?


Via: Android Police