Qualcomm’s freshly announced Clear Sight tech is suited for dual-cameras

Clear Sight

Going by the current trend, #Qualcomm has just announced a major addition to its line of Snapdragon 820 and 821 chipsets known as Clear Sight. This tech is camera oriented and aids dual-camera sensors, much like the one seen on the LG V20. Strangely, though, the technology is not supported on the LG flagship.

This technology basically works by allowing one camera sensor to take photos in color and the other in black and white. When the photos taken by the two sensors are combined, the end result turns out to be quite appealing with improved clarity and reduced picture noise. One can also expect significantly better low light photos thanks to the black and white sensor.

We’ve already seen this in the Huawei P9, which uses the Leica “certified” dual camera lens to achieve this. However, Huawei is using its own hardware and software combo to achieve this, so Qualcomm can’t take credit for it.

Qualcomm is clearly aiming this towards future devices, especially since dual-cameras are going to be commonplace in the coming months. With support built-in with its latest chipsets, the feature is pretty much ready to be used right now.

Source: Qualcomm

Via: Android Police

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