Motorola pokes fun at the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery fiasco

Motorola - Galaxy Note 7

Given the #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 recall announced by the company last week, we were expecting rival manufacturers out there to start poking fun at the whole incident. It has now officially begun with Motorola’s new promotional material talking about how its devices “adhere to the highest standards in quality”. While the company doesn’t specifically mention Samsung, the target is quite evident here.

With Motorola coming up with a few new phones in the market, promotional materials like these could help further its cause. One person’s pain can be another person’s gain, apparently. Understandably, Samsung has gone inside a shell now and is in complete damage control mode following reports of the phone exploding spontaneously. Under 40 cases have been reported so far, which is a fraction of the sales made by the company. But even then, this is a pretty embarrassing situation for the company.

While many are lauding Samsung for announcing a complete recall of the smartphone, we don’t really think they had much of a choice in this regard. Do you think Motorola was justified in saying these things? Have your say below.

Source: Reddit

Via: Phandroid