Motorola offering the JBL SoundBoost MotoMod for free with the Moto Z Force DROID


#Motorola (and Verizon) have a nice little promo for prospective buyers of the #MotoZForceDROID. Well, if you purchase this new device and use a coupon code, you will receive the JBL SoundBoost MotoMod for free. You will have to use the coupon code MOTOZSOUND to get this component worth $80 free of charge.

Motorola has something for the Moto Z DROID as well, but it’s not the JBL SoundBoost module. By using the coupon code MOTOZPOWER, you will receive the Incipio OffGrid Power Pack for free ($59.99 value). These are quite attractive promotions by Motorola and will encourage more users to try out the MotoMods and spread the word.

These modules are not exactly expensive to begin with, but by giving them away for free, Motorola is finding ways to reward customers of its newly launched smartphones. An expiration date hasn’t been mentioned by the company, so we’re guessing it will last through the weekend.

Source: Motorola