Google Maps adding Lyft and Gett integration with a new update

Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS and Android will soon get a new update which will introduce support for apps like Gett and Lyft. This means you will be able to request either of these services right within the Maps application. Gett support will be limited to just New York City for the time being as it’s still fairly new to the U.S.

As far as Lyft is concerned, users will be able to choose between the standard Lyft and Lyft Line right within the app. These features are currently live only in the United States, apparently. So even if you happen to have Lyft in your country, you will not be able to find the feature on Maps unless you live in the U.S. Hopefully, Google will change that soon so that a larger number of customers will be able to use the services.

Google has previously been associated with Uber, so these new additions don’t particularly surprise us. By adding apps like Lyft, Google is allowing a wider range of customers to book a ride directly within Maps. Found the feature yet? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Google