Galaxy S5 screen flashes yellow when brightness setting is set to low, other issues

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These are the specific topics discussed in this post:

  1. Galaxy S5 can’t send text message on Virgin Mobile network
  2. Galaxy S5 screen keeps flashing after it got wet
  3. Galaxy S5 screen flashes yellow when brightness setting is set to low
  4. Galaxy S5 can’t send SMS | Galaxy S5 email won’t connect to Google server | Galaxy S5 slow performance issue
  5. Galaxy S6 won’t turn on
  6. Galaxy S5 won’t work properly when SD card is inserted

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Problem #1: Galaxy S5 can’t send text message on Virgin Mobile network

Hey. I am having trouble sending text messages from my Samsung Galaxy S5, using the virgin mobile network. It is a Verizon refurbished device I bought off a ebay seller. These phones come from the USA, and I am trying to use it in Australia. I have tried various APN from both Virgin and Optus both MMS and internet and I am still having trouble. Granted I re-set the phone a few days ago and when I turned it back on and set it all up it seemed to work flawlessly , everything was working but then it went back to not working. I have a suspicion something in the back ground has updated and interfered with the SMS. I noticed the update feature has been disabled on the phone, and it only seems to sort of work using that Hangouts app and not the default messenger . I really want this issue sorted , its driving me crazy. Hope you can help. Thank you. — Jon

Solution: Hi Jon. If SMS had work properly before, then an update may have changed some network settings. Make sure that all network settings are correct by calling your cellular network provider. You also want to ensure that the Message Center number is correct. You can get the correct message center number from your carrier. If the phone already has the correct message center number as well as network settings, do a factory reset to see if that will resolve the issue.

For reference, these are the steps on how to do a factory reset:

  • Power down the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen.
  • Use Volume down to highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power button to select it.
  • Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  • Use the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • When the S5 restarts it should be completely wiped and ready to set up again.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 screen keeps flashing after it got wet

Hello. Recently I was taking videos with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I decided I wanted to record something under the water since the phone is highly water resistant. I did not want to put the entire phone in the water so I had held the phone upside down so the camera was on the bottom. I made sure my case was on secure before I put it partially in the water and then I put it in the water for about one to two seconds to get a small glimpse of above and below the water and I had only raised the water level half way of the camera so half of the shot would be above and the other half below. I took it out of the water and began to dry it off. About five seconds later the screen started to glitch out and was becoming unresponsive. I quickly took out the battery, SIM card and Micro SD card to make sure they were safe and let my phone dry in rice. I let it sit for about 48 hours and I just turned it on and the screen flashes on and off really fast of white whenever the phone is turned on. I am not sure on what to do. Thank you. — Michael

Solution: Hi Michael. While the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, it still will take water if not all conditions are met because it’s not fully waterproof. Because the screen problem started to occur after immersing the phone in water, you surely have a hardware issue at hand. Since you can’t obviously fix a hardware issue with software solutions, the surest thing that you can do is to have the phone repaired or replaced.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 screen flashes yellow when brightness setting is set to low

A few weeks ago I turned my brightness level to the lowest setting and the screen started to flash yellow. I turned up the brightness and it stop, so I tried to turn it all the way down again and it started to flash yellow. I turned it back up to stop the flashing. The next day I showed my husband what it was doing.  I turned down the brightness and it started to flash yellow and then it went black. We tried to turn it on and off, but the screen remained black. Maybe 5 minutes later the screen came on and it was updating. We thought that was the issue, since it no longer flashed yellow. Maybe a week or so went by and the yellow flashing started up again. This time it would not only flash yellow when dimmed, but also when the device was turned on. Then 5 or so days ago I would get a call and go to answer it and the screen would remain black. I could interact with the screen, but not see it. I would then hit the on/off button a few times and the screen would come on with a flash of yellow. This has been happening more and more often. Then today, it flashed yellow when turned on as usual, but would not turn on at all. I removed the battery for a minute and put it back and hit the on/off button a few times before the screen came on with a flash of yellow. The screen was bright with no issues, but I thought I’d put it in safe mode to see if that would help. When I did that the screen constantly flickered yellow. Once I took it out of safe mode the flickering stopped and the screen display was fine. When the screen went dark this time, I was unable to turn it back on again — Rebecca

Solution: Hi Rebecca. The first thing that you want to do is observe the phone for a few days after a factory reset (refer to the steps above). Make sure that you don’t install or download anything during this time so the firmware is clean. The observation period should be at least 24 hours. If the screen issue behaves exactly the same when you change brightness level, the issue may be software nature. Consider manually flashing a stock or custom firmware/ROM. Since we don’t have any guide (because it’s model specific), kindly use Google to find the correct ROM and guide for your phone.

Problem #4: Galaxy S5 can’t send SMS | Galaxy S5 email won’t connect to Google server | Galaxy S5 slow performance issue

I can receive all messages, but if I try to send whether Messages, or Messenger is set as default for text it will fail to send.

Also in notifications it is telling me that there is a problem connecting to Google server @ [email protected]

I have tried to reboot, cleared cache partition. I hate to factory reset and have to change all my passwords and user IDs again because I can’t remember what they all are. After this problem occurred I have loaded the Samsung 6 Marshmallow upgrade app. I have not launched yet because I didn’t know if I can reload all my previous apps, and will they contain information like my usernames, ID’S and REMEMBERED PASSWORDS. I need the best option for this problem.

I was gonna research ROOTING my phone further just because of simple fact that my phone is lagging due to 85% of my memory, and ROM is full.

I’m not a phone genius either so I apologize for my ignorance, but I really appreciate your help , and I can’t go onto or make an AT&T account because the carrier for my data plan is actually through Straight Talk. I hate that too because of the service signal, last S3 I had ran off Verizon, which works best in my area (“to root or not to root that is the question” I don’t know enough to comfortably do it?) — Chris

Solution: Hi Chris. To resolve your first issue about SMS failing to send, the first thing that you want to do is to ensure that the phone uses the correct message center number. If you don’t know how to do that, contact your service provider. If changing the message center number to the correct one won’t fix the issue, make sure that you let your carrier know about it.

For the second issue about your Gmail account not working, you first want to make sure that you have all the correct email settings. Remove the Gmail account from the phone or from the email app and configure it again. You can also try to delete the cache and data of the email app you’re using before you try to set the email up again.

For your lag issue, rooting is not exactly a solution. Technically, rooting is just an Android hack that gives a user more access to otherwise inaccessible set of files, folders, and functions. Doing it won’t fix slow performance issue. Of course, rooting is not also recommended because it opens your phone to security risks. You must identify the exact reason for the lag and rooting is not that method. Causes of slow performance issue can range from a bad app, poor firmware coding, to all sorts of hardware issue. Due to space limitation in every article, we won’t be discussing how to isolate the cause of your phone’s slow performance. We strongly suggest that you dig into the issue deeper by looking for third party sources via Google.

Now, we noted that you don’t want to go through the hassle of a factory reset procedure but keep in mind that there’s only so much an end-user can do on his/her end. Factory reset is an important potential solution that must be done in your case. If you don’t think doing it is not worth the effort, simply find a way to have the phone replaced.

Problem #5: Galaxy S6 won’t turn on

Hello Dear. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for doing the good work. Your site is helpful in many ways. I have a Galaxy S5. Last night, I was using the phone and it was perfectly alright. After sometime, when I checked, its screen won’t turn on although the phone was still on as I could see the notification LED flickering after a few seconds. The screen won’t turn on neither with home button or the power button. However, I plugged the phone into charger for some time and checked again but there was no signs of screen coming to life. Then I pressed both power and volume down button for a few seconds to restart the phone in safe mode but the phone did not respond. Instead the flashing notification LED also stopped. Since then I have tried all the methods to bring up the phone to life by using different methods available at your site and some other but all in vain. The only positive sign is that when I connect the phone to PC via USB, it makes the connection notification but there is still no vibration nor does the phone turns on in any mode or any form. Looking forward to hearing from you soon as I don’t have any alternative phones, neither I have backed up my data from the phone. Thanks and regards. — Naweed

Solution: Hi Naweed. Firstly, we want to make clear that there’s very little to nothing that an average user can do if a phone is totally unresponsive. In this case the only thing that you want to do is check if the problem is due to a bad battery. Try getting a new battery and see if the new one will power the phone back on. If a new battery won’t make a difference either, submit the phone for a full hardware check.

Problem #6: Galaxy S5 won’t work properly when SD card is inserted

Hello. I just recently got an SD card for my S5 phone and it’s been working yesterday. I’ve been transferring some apps I downloaded to the SD card and the pictures were being automatically saved on the SD Card. But as of today, my phone won’t work unless I remove my SD card, which means I can’t access most of my applications anymore. All the icons are greyed out and have the logo “SD” on them. When I put the SD card back, the applications are still not accessible and still greyed out with that SD logo. And after 10 or 15 seconds, my phone suddenly “shuts” down. The screen goes black and the “Samsung” logo slowly flashes on the screen. Nothing happens. I waited for an hour, and still nothing. No matter which button I press, no matter how long, it doesn’t go away! So I have to remove the battery, remove the SD card, put the battery back and then my phone will work. Why is it doing this? — Sophie

Solution: Hi Sophie. Because the issue happens when the SD card is inserted, you must first ensure that the SD card is not corrupted. Try to re-insert the SD card to your phone and reformat it. If you can’t do that, reformat the card using another device before using it on your S5. once you’ve done that, observe how it works by moving your apps to it. If the same thing happens, then the problem is not on the SD card but the phone itself. Don’t hesitate to do a factory reset to fix the problem.


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