2 Replies to “Galaxy Note 4 hardware buttons are unresponsive, other issues”

  1. Having trouble with my Galaxy Note 4 – Have just purchased a new battery as it used to just shut down when it had around 70%power. Worked well for 2 weeks but 2 days ago it just froze on me and no buttons would work and couldn’t turn it off so took out the battery. Also took out the sim card and put it back in but when I put the battery back in it came on for a while and I tried to send a couple of txt messages and I think they did go but not received by the recipents. Took out the battery again and this time when I put it back in and logged on I tried to go into the app. ANZ gomoney and it just froze again and the screen turned white and nothing happened. Took out the battery again and when put back in it came up with lots of things on the screen to say that it was rebooting. Tried to write down what was on the screen but wasn’t there long enough some of it was
    Supported API:3
    applying Multi CSC
    could not do normal boot
    ddi: read failed
    produce name and that is all I was able to get
    then a big green robot came on the screen telling me – Recovery booting and then it says
    Installing System Updates. I have never asked it update any system updates, so can you please explain what the heck it is doing.

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