[Video] OnePlus demonstrates how the OnePlus 3 can charge faster than the Galaxy S7

OnePlus 3

One of the key features of the #OnePlus3 is its ability to charge quickly using something called Dash Charge. In order to better understand how quick this charging standard is, OnePlus has posted a video comparing it next to the Galaxy S7, which uses Adaptive Fast Charging. Well, no marks for guessing, because the OnePlus 3 was found to be significantly faster in terms of charging its device compared to Samsung’s offering.

As per the video, in the time that it took the OnePlus 3 to reach zero to 64%, the Galaxy S7 with its charger only managed to reach about 50% (from zero). Now, this might not be big enough for many, but as smartphone users would know, a 14% charge can mean the world when you need to do something really quick like making a phone call.

The Galaxy S7 is in no way bad when it comes to charging, but this video perfectly illustrates that the OnePlus 3 is simply faster. What do you make of it?

Source: YouTube

Via: 9to5Google