Verizon might be charging companies $1 or $2 per bloatware installed

Verizon Wireless Logo

In what has come as little surprise to many of us, a new report talks about Verizon’s intentions to charge top companies and developers about $1 to $2 (per installation) to add their bloatware on VZW devices. This would only apply to newly activated devices, however. The report was first posted by Advertising Age, which says that Verizon spoke to the relevant parties as recent as last year, pitching this idea to them.

We must reiterate that there is no proof that Verizon is actually doing this right now, as this could have simply been a proposal by Big Red. However, given the economy and the kind of market we live in, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that this is currently happening. But let’s give the benefit of the doubt to the carrier for the time being.

What’s particularly interesting is that most users who know about bloatware apps will probably disable or uninstall them as soon as they see them. So it seems like only Verizon would benefit from a setup like this.

What do you make of these findings?

Source: Advertising Age

Via: Droid Life