T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 12 unveiled as T-Mobile ONE, unlimited data on offer

T-Mobile ONE

T-Mobile’s big announcement came today in the form of T-Mobile ONE, also known as Uncarrier 12. This is a fully unlimited plan (texts, calls and 4G LTE data) by the carrier and is aimed at people who will bring groups of customers to the carrier. The plans will start from $70, which means it’s quite expensive if you’re looking to join T-Mobile ONE individually and not in a group. But T-Mobile has made it apparent that it’s primarily targeting families with this particular promotion, so individual customers are not the target demographic here.

For example: If you happen to get about four lines of T-Mobile ONE, you will only be paying about $40 per line (with auto-pay enabled). This clearly illustrates that you will save a whole lot more if you bring in more people to your account.

Another point to note is that T-Mobile will offer unlimited video streaming to customers of ONE. However, video quality will be capped to 480p and you will need to spend an additional $25 for high-speed video streaming in HD or 4K quality. As far as the unlimited data is concerned, it is capped to 26GB. Beyond this limit, the speeds will be throttled, so it’s not exactly fully unlimited.

There’s a caveat in terms of mobile data tethering as well. By default, all tethering will be capped to 2G speeds. This basically means that you won’t be able to get any work done if you intend to use your phone’s data for your computer or any other device. However, by paying $15 (on top of the original monthly payments), you can get 5GB of high-speed data for tethering. Once exhausted, you will have to spend another $15 for an extra 5GB and so on.

To conclude, T-Mobile ONE appears very attractive for families, but it has several crucial caveats. However, given the wave that T-Mobile is riding on, the carrier can hope to make a big impact with this new offering.

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