Sprint, T-Mobile etc could give you a free Gear Fit 2 with the purchase of the Galaxy Note 7

Gear Fit 2

While the #GalaxyNote7 is yet to go official in the world, talks of promotions have already begun. A new report is mentioning that T-Mobile and Sprint might have the upper hand when they unleash their variant of the Galaxy Note 7. It is being said that the carriers will offer the Samsung Gear Fit 2 as a free accessory along with the smartphone so as to increase their chances of being picked by the customers.

Of course, similar promotions could and will be run by other carriers as well, but it’s good to know what good ol’ TMo and Sprint will have to offer. The Gear Fit 2 is Samsung’s most recent wearable and comes with a pretty decent set of features to keep your fitness in check. This could be a decent companion accessory to have along with the Galaxy Note 7, especially when combined with attractive apps like S Health.

Would you be more drawn towards T-Mobile or Sprint with a promotion like this? Share your thoughts below.

Via: 9to5Google