Samsung partners with U.S. Cellular to open ‘stores-within-stores’

Galaxy Note 7 Render

#Samsung and U.S. Cellular have joined forces in order to bolster the former’s retail presence in the country. The two have signed a deal to launch something simply known as a “store-within-a-store”. Roughly put, this will see the addition of Samsung outlets within U.S. Cellular retail locations. While U.S. Cellular is not necessarily the most popular name among carriers today, this will definitely serve to help them in the long term.

It will be interesting to see if other carriers will follow suit, but it seems like this will be limited to U.S. Cellular for the time being. So if you happen to walk into a U.S. Cellular outlet anytime soon and find a Samsung store inside it, this is why. With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 officially becoming available today,¬†customers¬†should be able to find demonstrations and extensive promotional posters of the across U.S. Cellular retail locations.

Do you think this will make U.S. Cellular a more popular carrier among Samsung fans?