Samsung Galaxy S5 Corrupts microSD Card Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 is one of the many Android smartphones available in the market whose storage capability can be increased. Whether you get the 32GB model or the 16GB model you can still increase this storage space further by using a microSD card. This feature is great for people who store lots of music, videos, photos, and other forms of data in their phone. Sometimes though adding a microSd card can cause issues. Today we will tackle the Galaxy S5 corrupts microSD card issue & other related problems. We have gathered several issues of this nature sent to us by our readers and have addressed them below.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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S5 Corrupts microSD Card

Problem: Prior to marshmallow update Samsung 64 SD card worked fine.   Researched for issues before allowing upgrade.   None seen at time must have not used correct syntax.   Either way nothing said  to remove SD card before running update.   After update there was an error message about not being encrypted and how SD card is apparently blank and corrupt,  even PC can’t read.   Is all gone? Do you recommend any recovery tools to try? If SD card should have been removed before marshmallow update there should have been a warning.   Thank you in advance.

Solution: Updating the phone software to Marshmallow doesn’t damage the microSD card. In this case the issue may just happen to occur when the update was performed. One of the main reasons why a microSD card can become corrupt is because of a manufacturing defect. This is most especially true for cheap generic microSD card brands. Another factor that can cause the card to go corrupt is the accumulation of write/read cycles. As more data is written and erased on the card certain electrons get trapped where they shouldn’t be at and with the sudden shift in voltage this can cause a read write failure.

In your case even the computer is unable to read this card which strongly suggests that it is corrupt already. You can try using some recovery software such as Recuva to recover the data in this card.

S5 microSD CArd Not Supported After Software Update

Problem: After updating my phone to update G900VVRU2DPD1 a few days ago (don’t know if this has anything to do with it or not), yesterday my phone started displaying that the SD card was not supported. I tried powering my phone off and back off but still got the same message. My SD card is a SanDisk 32 gb. I went by and picked up a new sd card and the new card works in the phone (for now any way).  I put my original sd card in an adapter and put it into an USB port on my computer.  The computer was not able to read the sd card. Of course, all my photos were stored on the sd card “for safekeeping”.  What could have happened to the sd card?  It’s only about 1 1/2 years old. Is there any way to recover the data from the sd card?

Solution: This is a similar issue to the one we have answered above. A software update will not necessarily damage the microSD card. This card might have been damaged by other factors. These factors include a manufacturing defect, accumulation of read/write cycles, or sudden voltage changes. Since the computer can’t read the card then it is most likely corrupt already. To recover the data in the card your computer must recognize it first. If the card is recognized by your computer then you should try using a data recovery software such as Recuva to recover your photos.

S5 microSD Card Keeps Unmounting

Problem: HI My SD card continually unmounts if I copy any apps to it. Tried reformatting the card …..still happens. Tried soft reset of phone…… still happens tried a different SD card…… still happens Can copy files over to phone no problem Can look at the SD card on the phone no problem Nervous about factory resetting the phone

Solution: If this issue occurs even when trying to use a different microSD card then you should consider doing a factory reset as your phone software might be causing the problem. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing a reset since it will be erased in the process.

S5 Cannot Copy File Error

Problem: When I am copying music to my SD card, after an indeterminate number of files transferred, I get an error “Cannot Copy : The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected” and I have to restart the phone in order to continue copying files. If I am listening to a music file at the time that I get a transfer error, the music also stops. If I hit play again, music will play without restarting the phone. This phone has had an SD card issue before where I lost the ability to write to the card. Replacing the card fixed the problem. I did not have my current problem with the replaced card. Is my phone messed up, or is the card bad?

Solution: You should first check if the microSD card is causing this problem by getting a new card then see if the same issue occurs. If it doesn’t then the issue is caused by the previous microSD card. However, if the issue still occurs even with a new microSD card installed you will need to check if the phone software is causing this problem. To do this you have to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete do not install anything in your phone. Try to check first if the issue still occurs and if it doesn’t proceed with the installation of your favorite apps.

S5 Missing microSD Card After Update

Problem: I just did an update, I use my SD card to keep all of my music on and I manage it by plugging the phone into my computer and adding albums or deleting them. After the update when I plug my phone in it is just blank. I can’t see the SD card or the internal memory. I have read some threads about clearing the app cache and rebooting, but I am not sure what this will do to my files, pictures and contacts. I cannot afford to lose any of them.

Solution: You should try to reboot the phone first. You won’t lose the data stored in the internal storage or the microSD card when you do this. If after the reboot you still can’t see the microSD card or the internal memory then take out your microSD card and insert it in your computer. You will need a microSD card to do this. Backup the contents of this card to your computer. You should also backup your phone data by connecting it to a computer with Kies or Smart Switch installed. Once your data is safe proceed with wiping the cache partition of your phone. If this fails to fix the problem then you should do a factory reset.

S5 microSD Card Needs To Be Reset

Problem: it seems after every reboot the SD card needs to reset,  but this morning,  I noticed that most of my photo’s were blank,  that I had taken.   the songs that have been downloaded still appear.   a few weeks ago, I did drop my phone and but a large crack in the glass.  could I have “jarred” something inside the phone?   mine is the S5 Active

Solution: You should first check if the microSD card is causing this problem by inserting a new card in your phone. If the issue doesn’t occur then the old microSD card might have developed some corrupt sectors. Try using your computer to recover the data in this card ( use a software recovery software such as Recuva).

If the issue still occurs even with a new microSD card installed then the next step is to verify if a glitch in the phone software is causing this issue by backing up your phone data and doing a factory reset. Once the reset is complete do not install anything in your phone yet. Try to check first if the issue still occurs.

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