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PSA: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the new Gear VR now available in the U.S.

Galaxy Note 7

As you know, it’s August 19 today, which formally marks the arrival of the #GalaxyNote7 in the U.S. Surprisingly, T-Mobile has already fulfilled some of its pre-orders as early as yesterday, so the actual launch is merely a formality.

Along with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is also launching the new Gear VR headset. Unlike the Galaxy S7 promo earlier this year, the Gear VR will not be offered for free and customers will have to shell out $99.99. However, it’s likely that some retailer probably has a bundle available, so make sure you check with your retailer before grabbing the Gear VR separately. But if you’ve already bought it, I’m afraid you will have to shell out the full $99.99 for the headset.

There seems to be some shortage in the Blue Coral variant of the Galaxy Note 7, so you might have to wait longer than expected if you pre-ordered this particular model.

Have you received your Galaxy Note 7 yet?

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