OnePlus co-founder shoots down OnePlus 3 mini rumor

OnePlus 3

A rumor from yesterday suggested that #OnePlus was probably working on a mini version of the #OnePlus3. But as soon as this particular rumor surfaced, the co-founder of OnePlus was quick to dismiss it. He also made sure to use the hashtag #rumorshutdown, to make it clear that this was just a rumor.

It’s good to see that a company executive is actively following news stories and backing it up with fiery responses such as this one. We’ve usually seen manufacturers maintaining a wait and watch approach towards its products, even if there are fake rumors floating around. As for the OnePlus 3 mini, we’re afraid it has died a quick death, so we probably won’t hear more of it in the coming days.

Given that OnePlus launched the OnePlus X last year, it was widely speculated that it would be the case this year as well. But that’s clearly not the case and we might not have another OnePlus device until next year at least.

Source: @getpeid – Twitter

Via: Pocketnow