Nexus 6P now out of stock on the Google Store, no plans for restocking

Nexus 6P

If you check the American Google Store now, you will realize that the #Huawei #Nexus6P is completely out of stock at the moment. Well, it seems like the handset is gone for good, at least from the Google Store, as a Google representative has clarified that Google doesn’t intend on replenishing the stocks of the handset. So this finally ends the somewhat short journey of the promising Nexus flagship.

While reviews were widely favorable towards the Nexus 6P, lack of proper exposure has hurt Google again. Although the handset probably managed to do better than its predecessor, the Nexus 6P was by no means a success.

Those looking to get the handset need not lose heart, as the smartphone will probably be sold through the coming months via various online outlets. However, the fact that Google will not replenish stocks of the Nexus 6P does, in a way, mark its official demise. The timing might just be right for Google as it prepares for the arrival of the Marlin and the Sailfish handsets not too long from now.

Source: Google Store

Via: Mobile Syrup