Nexus 6 data issues not just limited to the U.S., Google working on a fix

Nexus 6

Yesterday, we spoke about the T-Mobile variants of the #Nexus6 facing data related issues in the U.S. Well, it seems like the issue isn’t just limited to the U.S. as reports from several other countries are now beginning to emerge.

From what we can see, the issue has nothing to do with the software version or firmware it’s running, although it’s slightly odd that the issue is only coming to the fore now. Google mentions that an update will be sent out very soon, which puts the matter officially out of T-Mobile’s hands, which has been criticized for the bug by users in the U.S.

The extent of this issue is still not known yet, but as the number of complainants grows larger, we believe it’s probably seen on most Nexus 6 units around the world. The company hasn’t given an ETA for the update yet, but we hope to hear more about it soon.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Android Central