Nexus 6 data connectivity bug fixed by Google

Nexus 6

Late last week, we heard about several #Nexus6 users facing data connectivity related issues. Google acknowledged the bug and promised to issue a fix by the beginning of this week. And right on cue, Google has announced now that the fix has been sent out to Nexus 6 devices that were seemingly affected. It is said that the GPS was the culprit in this whole ordeal and Google has made the changes accordingly.

Users will not require a separate update to get the patch as it will be sent to the devices in the background. So if you’re still facing data connectivity issues, restarting your device should help. The Nexus 6 is not exactly a popular device, but there are still a vast number of customers who rely on the device for their daily mobile needs.

The issue was first spotted by T-Mobile users, but Google was quick to mention that this wasn’t a carrier specific issue. Have you seen the update yet? Make sure you let us know in the comments box below.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Android Police