Netflix brings speed test app FAST to the Play Store

FAST - Netflix

Netflix’s dedicated speed testing app, now has an app of its own, allowing mobile users to get a better understanding of their data speeds. It’s important to note that internet providers have traditionally tailored their networks to show better results on some speed testing sites/apps. But with this particular app, you’re bound to get a more accurate reading of the actual data speeds offered by your carrier/broadband provider.

While it’s theoretically possible for companies to tailor their networks to show inflated speeds with FAST, internet providers might not be onto it quite yet. In order to give you the precise speed that’s offered by your internet provider, FAST bounces off through Netflix’s servers. This will help Netflix get a better idea as to which parts of the world have slower connections and optimize its offering for those markets accordingly.

The app is available for iOS devices as well.

Source: Netflix, Google Play Store

Via: The Verge