Meizu Mix is a new smartwatch with an analog watchface

Meizu Mix

#Meizu has just announced its crowd-funded smartwatch, the Mix. The wearable will be sold with an analog watchface, which makes it quite unique among the wearables available in the market today. The wearable will be available in Denim, Leather and Stainless Steel with Black and Silver variants on offer. It is running a customized smartwatch OS, so there’s no Android Wear on board.

The watch comes with a 42mm case, which makes it quite similar to the Moto 360. Although it lacks a proper touchscreen digital display, it does come with some smartwatch oriented features underneath. The 270 mAh battery is supposedly capable of offering 240 days of standby.

Given the limitations, Meizu is seeking the help of crowd funding site Taobao to fund this campaign. There’s no word on a global release at this point, but knowing Meizu, it’s probably going to remain within China and its neighboring regions. We expect the wearable to be more freely available as the months progress.

The Meizu Mix will be priced at 999 CNY ($150), 1,299 CNY ($196) and 1,499 CNY ($226) for the Denim, Leather and Stainless Steel models. Seems pretty reasonable given the classic look and the elegance that it offers.

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Source: Anzhuo

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