The Galaxy S7 edge is the highest selling Android handset in 2016

Galaxy S7 edge

According to new data compiled by research firm Strategy Analytics, the #Samsung #GalaxyS7edge has so far been the highest selling Android smartphone in 2016 (until June 2016). The report said that Samsung managed to sell about 13.3 million units of the handsets, significantly overtaking other flagships and even Samsung’s own Galaxy S7.

The budget ranged Galaxy J2 took the second spot with 13 million units old. This is a popular device in several key markets, including Asia. With the #GalaxyNote7 launching late next week, one can expect it to take the mantle from the Galaxy S7 edge for the rest of the year, although there will only be about four and a half months left for the end of the year.

In 2015, Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge with an almost identical design and display size, leading to confusion among the customers.¬†Further, the company started seeing yield related issues in the production of the curved display panels, which proved to be a minor setback during the early days of the S6 edge’s availability. But it seems like Samsung has ironed out those issues with the 2016 S7 flagships.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Via: Phone Arena