Fire week: OnePlus One reportedly sets itself ablaze while charging

OnePlus One Fire

It seems like exploding phones are becoming an everyday thing now. After seeing pictures of the burnt up Galaxy Note 7, we’re now encountering a similar case pertaining to the OnePlus One. The issue originates from Chandigarh, India, where the user has posted a video on Twitter displaying the aftermath. Unfortunately, we don’t know the cause yet, but the user claims that the phone was being charged when this happened.

The OnePlus One is about two years old in the market and has seen two successors since then. It is understood that the OnePlus support team has contacted the user and offered assistance as well. At worst, this could be a short circuit of the internals or some power supply related complaint that we see in so many similar cases. As it stands now, it would be unfair to jump to conclusions now or to point fingers, so we’ll wait for more word from OnePlus for further details on this.

Source: @deepakgosain92 – Twitter

Via: Android Headlines