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[Deal] First-gen Google Chromecast for $25.99


We’ve seen some pretty cool deals on the new Chromecast. But today, we’re coming across an exciting deal on the 1st gen Chromecast. An eBay retailer is offering this nifty accessory for just $25.99, which is an almost $9 discount on its initial pricing of $35. Of course, you can get a 2nd gen Chromecast for that price now, so $25.99 seems apt for a first gen model.

In terms of utility, however, the Chromecast isn’t any different from its fancier sibling. It lets you turn your HDMI capable TV/monitor into a full blown entertainment hub. Given the kind of pricing on offer, it makes sense to get a couple of these for each TV in the house (if you happen to have multiple of them).

Well, the deal might not last long, so make sure you grab them while they’re still in stock.

Get the 1st gen Google Chromecast on eBay for just $25.99!

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