[Deal] Bose MIE2 headphones for $72.99

Bose MIE2

The Bose MIE2 high-performance headphones can now be purchased on eBay for just $72.99. Yes, this seems like a lot, but considering the fact that these are the original headphones, we think you’re getting a very good deal here. Form and functionality wise, this is much like any other 3.5mm compatible wired headphones.

However, given the kind of quality and performance it brings to the table, the Bose MIE2 is certainly a valuable purchase for anyone, even more so if you’re an audiophile. Naturally, the headphones also come with an in-line mic as well as volume controls, so customers won’t be deprived of basic headset functions with the MIE2.

Bose is synonymous with quality and excellence, which is why its products are considered one of the best in the business (and expensive too). Taking all those factors into account, we suggest you give this listing a closer look.

Get the Bose MIE2 for just $72.99 on eBay!